Most Commonly Asked Questions About Cremation for Loved Ones

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Cremation for Loved Ones

At Arlington, we recognize that this is a pressing time for you and your family. It can be stressful to choose perpetual care plans for your loved one, especially if they did not express their wishes prior to their departure. It’s normal to have questions about the cremation or burial process. In this guide, we’ll walk with you through the most commonly asked questions we hear.

Can We Still Have a Viewing If My Loved One is Being Cremated?

Yes, you can still have a viewing and traditional funeral service, even if your loved one is being cremated. We provide a special casket that your loved one may lie in honor during the wake. The casket can be brought into the chapel for the service (this is a good time for pallbearers to participate in the absence of a graveside service). After the funeral, our home will continue the perpetual care process. We will move your loved one from the temporary casket to one that is cremation safe, as burial caskets cannot be cremated. Our team here at Arlington Cremation Services will stay in contact with you and make arrangements for receiving the ashes if your loved one.

Will My Loved One Still Receive Embalming Services if They Opt for Cremation?

Yes, if your family has opted for a traditional viewing and funeral service. Some families prefer not to have a viewing and just the funeral with the ashes present. In that case, your loved one doesn’t have to be embalmed. Embalming will not affect the ashes in any way.

Will the Ashes Come Back in a Bag?

At Arlington Cremation Services, we care deeply about the dignity of the family members we help lay to rest. Your loved one’s cremains or ashes will be returned to you in an urn. You can pick from our selection of urns and vessels beforehand, and we will inter the remains for you. If you would like to choose an urn or final resting place at a later date, we will provide you with a quality, temporary urn.

Can You Bury Ashes in a Cemetery?

Yes, you can bury ashes in most cemeteries. This is a cost effective option for those who still want to be laid to rest in a family plot or with a grave marker. The ashes will be interred in a special vault that can then be buried in any plot. You can also choose to store your or your loved one’s ashes in a columbarium, which is a large, indoor mausoleum or chapel where urns are housed and displayed for visitation.

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